Toyoda Eishi limousine P/S light
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A 2006 Toyoda Eishi FAW car with a mileage of about 150 thousand km. User response: during the driving process, the vehicle turned to be extremely heavy and P/S lights were lit. After receiving the vehicle: use the decoder to read the fault code 01525, 01526, C1528. The meaning is that the sensor is not initialized and the motor rotation angle sensor is out of order. Maintenance information indicates that when the C1528 fault code appears, the system will enter the failure protection state and the power steering system will stop working. The fault code is cleared by TOYOTA special tester IT-II, C1528 can be cleared, and C1525 and C1526 can not be cleared. Then the corner sensor is initialized, and the result shows that the initialization fails, indicating that the motor rotation angle sensor does have faults. When pulling out the connecting rod of the rotary sensor, it is found that there are traces of water inside the plug. The plug has been covered with a layer of green copper rust, and there is an electric corrosion phenomenon. The signal of the sensor is short circuited by the plug of the plug. The electric steering control unit receives the signal of the angle sensor, which makes the electric power steering system enter the protection state, turns to the power to stop working, and the control unit records the fault code C1528 at the same time. Troubleshooting is very simple. Remove the moisture and rust in the plug, then use IT-II to initialize the motor angle sensor, and eliminate the trouble completely. Maintenance summary: the waterproofing problem of electrical connectors should be paid enough attention. The sharp turn system uses all electric mode, which makes the structure of the steering system greatly simplified, thoroughly solves the defects of the oil leakage of the hydraulic pump and the steering machine, but the water proofing problem of the electrical system is followed. The steering gear is installed at the bottom of the vehicle. Driving on heavy rain or wet road may cause the steering system to plug into the water so that the system can not work normally. Although the plugs have been waterproofing measures, there is still possibility of flooding when they are completely immersed in water. The fault of the car happened on the rainy day. This phenomenon reminds the owner and friend of the car owners to be careful in the heavy rain days or when they are wading. Try to avoid the deep water area to prevent the electrical plug of the steering system.