Water tank leakage, potable summary failure to start again
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In these cases, all of them were "not allowed to move". The car crashed into the cement pile and leaked. Parking check, blocked the way for other cars. Trying to move the car, a passer-by persuaded him: "your car is leaking. If you move again, you must pull the cylinder, and the engine will be broken." Talking about the experience a few days ago, Miss Wu was still afraid. "At the time when someone reminded me, I just stopped the car and waited for the trailer, or the engine had to be overhauled now." For most of the novice like Miss Wu, what situations should be extinguished immediately, surely everyone is not very clear. Don't take it lightly. An untimely start is likely to cause more damage. Today, tell us when to "do not move." During normal driving, you should always pay attention to the reminder on the dashboard. Once a red light is on, the car should be stopped and repaired. There are two kinds of red lights that need attention. One is the brake light. Usually when we pull up the brake, it will light up. During the driving process, the brake lights are on, probably the handbrake is not loose yet. If the brake is loose and the light is still on, it may be that the brake oil level is low, or the brake pad is too thin. All these conditions will affect the braking effect and cause safety hazards. The car should be stopped as soon as possible. The other is the water temperature lamp, the water temperature light shows that the water temperature is too high, this time should stop immediately, otherwise it is likely to cause the cylinder bed to be washed away, so the engine water and the oil road will be mixed together, the engine will have to be overhauled. In some cases, a car has overpressed a big stone or bumped into a guardrail, and it looks as if there is no big problem, but if it goes on, it is likely to incur greater losses. On the one hand, the suspension of a vehicle may undergo deformation after being struck. As a chassis supporting a vehicle, deformation will affect the operation of the power system and steering system. Therefore, if you continue to drive, it is very likely that the tire is running off. It is very dangerous. On the other hand, the deformed suspension is opened "hard and hard" to cause more serious damage to other parts, such as the front bridge, the rear bridge, and the hub, which produces greater maintenance costs. How to make sure that the chassis of the car has been deformed and can not be opened again? If the tyres become skew after impact, this means that the suspension damage is serious and can not be opened again. The engine needs to be cooled by circulating water, so if it is found that the water tank is leaking, it should not move again. Usually the impact near the front bumper of the body is likely to damage the water tank and cause leakage. Miss Wu encountered such a situation, found that there are water leakage at the bottom of the car, there are usually two possibilities, either the water tank leaked, or the glass kettle leaked. The glass kettle is not big enough to leak. It can continue to run without needing to be called a trailer. The water leakage of the water tank should be extinguished immediately. What kind of water is missing? One way is to look at the color. In fact, the water in the water tank is antifreeze, and the color of the antifreeze is mostly yellow or green. And glass water is usually light and bubbling. In addition, if the water tank leaks and continues to drive, in a few minutes there will be a warning light on the dashboard, and this time really can not be opened again, otherwise the engine will be seriously damaged because of the normal cooling. After the impact of the front part of the car, the engine oil and transmission oil are also likely to leak. The engine is short of oil. If it continues to drive, it is likely to cause the piston to break the cylinder. The car will suddenly flameout. Not only is it dangerous, but the next maintenance has to have a blood book. So if you see the red light on the meter, you have to check the car nearby. Some cars burn oil. Owners should be very experienced and can add their own matching oil. If the oil path is damaged due to impact, do not add oil. Please ask for road assistance. The function of transmission oil is lubricating and cooling. Manual transmission gearbox is short of oil, and if it is forced to operate, it will probably cause gear damage. And the automatic gearbox lack of oil, you will feel the shift is not smooth, the power drop, when the oil leaks, the car will be directly extinguished, the gearbox will naturally wear not look. After the summer, it is likely to have a heavy rain. At this time, the probability of the wading of the car will also be bigger. Last year's Beijing rainstorm, many cars started again after the wading, causing serious damage to the engine cylinder. Why did it stop after wading? Because rainwater and water ran into the intake system of the engine. The engine is burning through compressed air, and this time the intake system is water, that is to say, you start the car again, and the engine will take the water as air to compress. Water and air are completely two concepts, so forced compression will allow the water to break the engine's valve, the piston top, and the more serious it will cause the cylinder to wear. In a word, it will be overhauled. Therefore, we suggest that once the vehicle waded into a fire, do not start again. Waiting for the trailer is the best way.