The engine occasionally jitters when it opens the air conditioner
  • Automotive

A Mazda car with a mileage of about 120 thousand km and a 4 speed automatic transmission. User response: when the vehicle turns on the air conditioner and headlight at night, if the gear is started, the engine will occasionally shake. If you do not turn on the air conditioner, headlight or put the transmission in neutral, the engine runs smoothly. In order to solve the trouble of the vehicle, the fuel injector has been cleaned successively, and the spark plug has been replaced, but it has not been effective. After taking the car: the test car found that the car engine started running smoothly, accelerated, but in the D position, open air conditioning, headlights, step on the brake pedal, the engine will occasionally shake. If the transmission lever is only placed in the D position or only the air conditioner and headlamp are turned on, the fault will not appear. Engine start and acceleration performance is good, engine fault warning light is not lit. According to past maintenance experience, it is suspected that the engine is on fire.