How to do emergency repair on bad roads?
  • Automotive

There will be some trouble in driving out. If there is a breakdown or failure in the running and there is no need for spare parts supply at the same time, we have to take some urgent repair methods. Some simple and easy methods of emergency repair are introduced to everyone: when the motor vehicle is used, it is found that the oil tank is leaking, can clean the oil leak place, apply soap or bubble sugar to the oil leaking place, temporarily block the oil, and repair with epoxy resin adhesive, the effect is better. When the tubing is broken, the ruptured area can be cleaned, coated with soap, wound with cloth strips or rubber cloth, and tied tightly and then coated with a layer of soap. When the tubing is broken, a rubber or plastic pipe sleeve suitable for the diameter of the tubing can be found. If the sleeves are not tight enough, the ends can be tightened tightly to prevent oil leakage. According to the size of the sand hole, choose the electrical fuse with the corresponding specifications, and smash it into the sand eye with a hand hammer, so that oil leakage and water leakage can be eliminated. When the motor vehicle is used, such as the oil leakage of the engine oil pipe joint, it is caused by the fact that the oil pipe horn and the oil pipe nut are not sealed. The cotton yarn can be wrapped around the horn of the horn, then the tubing nut is tightened with the tubing joint, and the bubble gum or maltose can be chewed into a paste, and it is applied to the nut seat of the tubing.