Fault resolution / leakage / thermal attenuation
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How can we drive a car better? What should we pay attention to in the process of using the car? This column will provide some car tips for owners' reference. What is the leakage of the battery? Reader Miss Li asked: Recently, when driving, it was discovered that the battery of the car was leaking. What is the matter? Answer: this may be caused by the decline in the performance of the battery itself. The service life of the battery is usually about two years, please replace it in time. In addition, it is the situation of electric leakage of electric equipment, burglar alarm and line. It is suggested that the car should be opened to 4S shop for detailed inspection and maintenance. What are the reasons for the high temperature of brake discs? Readers, Mr. Liao asked: Recently, we examined the brake pads of automobiles and found that the temperature of the brake discs of the two front wheels was very high. What is the reason for this? Response: the brake disc and brake disc temperature is normal, especially when the brake system is frequently used in high speed, the temperature of the brake disc and brake disc will reach hundreds of degrees Celsius. The high temperature is not a failure. Please be assured of use. What does the light switch on after the converter? Reader Mr. Zhou asked: the car has been used for five years. After the replacement of the catalytic converter in the near future, the fault lamp is lit up. How can I do this? If the replacement of the three yuan catalytic converter is cheaper, the above fault will still occur. It is recommended to go to the repair shop to conduct data flow and fault code analysis again for the engine control unit. What is the reason why cars are in the opposite direction? Readers, Mr. Xia asked: when the car is in the process of driving or moving at high speed, there will be abnormal sound when hitting the steering wheel. What is the reason for this? Reply: the abnormal sound in the direction of direction may be that the rubber parts such as the balance lever hanger and the rubber sleeve of the arm have problems causing abnormal sound. There are three reasons for high speed and abnormal sound: first, this sound may be fetal noise, each tire will have tire noise, only the time and the size of the sound are different, will not affect the normal use; two is the front of the front and rear wheels wrong, cause the tire tread wavy wear, and also make such abnormal sound; three It is caused by the wear of the wheel bearing.