Emancipating CA1122J type automobile accelerator pedal fault
  • Automotive

A vehicle for the liberation of CA 1122. The car accelerates the pedal when it runs, and it can't step on the pedal. When the foot is lifted, the pedal can also return. Fault check: support the cab, step on the accelerator pedal, check the acceleration pedal line (throttle line) back position, the result of the line card, can only step on the half of the step can not move, feet lift the pedal can also be back, a little force, pull the thread card not moved. Remove the accelerator pedal cable (throttle pull line) and find that the tread line is damaged with burrs, and the check conduit can not be used anymore. Troubleshooting: a new accelerator pedal and a pull pipe were replaced and a small amount of lubricating oil was injected into the conduit.