Honda accord automatic transmission intermittently skidding
  • Automotive

A Honda accord with a mileage of about 120 thousand km, equipped with F22B2 engine and 4 parallel shaft automatic transmission. Users reflect: the car is basically normal at low speed, and the automatic transmission is slippery at medium speed, the engine speed is very high, but the speed is difficult to improve. Start the engine, idle speed is stable, there is no lack of cylinder phenomenon. In situ acceleration, engine power is strong. The road test showed that the engine speed reached 3400r/min when the speed was 50km/h, and the automatic transmission could not be upgraded to the high speed gear. The accelerator pedal is loosened and the speed is reduced. The shift function of the automatic transmission is restored to normal. It is initially judged that the fault is caused by the high-speed slip of the automatic transmission.