How to hot cars in winter
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In winter car maintenance, the problem of engine part wear is more prominent, and more than 80% of the reasons are because the owner does not have hot cars or does not master the time of the hot car. There is no need for a long hot car. Many owners think that long term hot cars are better for cars, but not in fact. Because the electric spray car is different from the old type carburetor type car, the oil supply system of the electric spray car is completely controlled by the ECU module of the engine. Its control system is not affected by the air velocity and temperature. As long as the oil pressure rises, the water temperature is about 50 degrees Celsius. For the ordinary electric spray car, the speed is usually 1200-1500, the engine speed is higher than the idle speed, so at the high speed, the usual time of the hot car is 30 seconds or 1 minutes, so that the lubricating oil can reach the lubricating surface. Then, run the vehicle at low speed and travel for 3-5 minutes. After the water temperature reaches the normal running temperature, it will be able to drive normally. The hot car should not be speeded up quickly. Although the electric vehicle only needs a short time hot car, but the owner in the hot car, before the temperature meter rotates, still should keep a relatively low speed driving, even speed up, because at this time the engine half is in the state of no oil, the engine has not yet reached the working temperature. If the fuel is fast running, it will cause the wear and tear of the piston and connecting rod. And the engine is flameout. In addition, the car owner should not be in place for a long time idle hot car, the engine starts from 30 to 1 minutes to drive on the road, pay attention to the gear control in the 1-2 gear, the engine speed is 2000 turn. After running hundreds of meters, when the engine temperature rises to normal level, the owner can run normally, so that it will not damage the engine. A cold car drives a damaged car. Some newcomers often do not have the awareness of hot cars. This kind of cold driving may not cause serious problems in a short time, but in the long run, the engine will "survive".