New changes in health care for automobile maintenance and less health care
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Mr. Wang, who is in charge of Finance in a unit, has a habit of recording the main expenses of the usual car. He found that his car spent 5 years without more than 5000 yuan, but the maintenance cost has gone to more than ten thousand yuan, far exceeding the maintenance cost. From the statistics of the provincial transport authority, last year, the total vehicle maintenance and repair in our province reached 24 million 780 thousand, an increase of 174% over the same period last year. The rapid development of the rear market is changing the new moon. For example, the car service market used to maintain a big head, but now, 80% vehicles are maintenance, and the maintenance vehicles only account for about 20% of the total. A month, I was responsible for the traffic in 500 cars, of which more than 400 cars are to do maintenance, only a small number of cars to repair, and these maintenance cars are mostly accident cars. Xu Fei, a service commissioner at a 4S store in Hangzhou, is a service marker in the company for more than a month. He serves as many as more than 2000 vehicles, of which about 70% are new cars in 2 years. Mr. Wang's 5 year driving career is also typical. According to him, in addition to rubbing a small accident, the vehicle has done a lot of paint, sheet metal and other small repairs, usually to repair shop is to do maintenance. "As long as the vehicle is maintained properly, there will be nothing wrong with it." Quite experienced Mr. Wang said that vehicles, like people, are diligent in health care, and the number of cases will be reduced. This is much better than going out of repair and repairing shops. In 1987, there were only 16 auto maintenance enterprises in Hangzhou. The car maintenance factory was not only small and professional, and the main maintenance objects were transportation vehicles and public service cars, and the private cars were very few. In 1987, there were only 16 automobile maintenance enterprises in Hangzhou. But by December 2007, there were 5699 automobile maintenance enterprises in Hangzhou. More and more 4S shops and special maintenance stores were born with more division of labor. More than 5 million maintenance vehicles were maintained throughout the year. Most of them were maintenance of automobile and repair sheet metal. The new car is more, the car making technology is also good, "more new cars, more car making technology, people maintenance awareness and so on, are now the reason for the reduction of vehicle maintenance." Wu Kuizhong, Ford service manager in Zhejiang, has been engaged in automotive services for decades. He said that before the vehicle was small, and mostly for buses, vehicles to repair shop more than 80% of the repair. But now, many new cars are added to private cars, which are much more maintenance, and maintenance vehicles are greatly reduced. It is understood that last year, more than 400 thousand new vehicles in our province, second only to Guangdong Province, became the second newly added vehicle in China. By the end of last year, the number of motor vehicles in Hangzhou (excluding Xiaoshan and Yuhang) had reached 403 thousand vehicles, of which 120 thousand vehicles were added last year and the previous year. That is to say, the new car in Hangzhou has accounted for 1/3 of the total in two years. As the new car only needs maintenance in the past few years, it seldom produces maintenance business. Therefore, the large increase of new car makes maintenance become the main business of maintenance enterprise. Secondly, the technology of car manufacturing is getting better and better, which also makes the incidence of vehicles drop sharply. "The engines of previous vehicles were carburettor, and all kinds of diseases were prone to occur during use. Now, with the use of electronic technology in automobiles, the chance of automobile onset is decreasing. " Experts say that owners of private cars are highly conscious of their maintenance, and are usually less likely to have serious driving problems, especially when driving normally. New changes have spawned new demand for services. The advent of the private car era has brought great changes to the automotive service market. Industry experts say: first of all, vehicle maintenance exceeds maintenance as the biggest cake in the car repair market. The maintenance cost per vehicle is 500 yuan per vehicle and 4 times a year for each vehicle. The cost of vehicle maintenance in the 1 years in Hangzhou is up to 800 million yuan. Thus, in the future, the demand for automotive maintenance technicians, automobile health doctors, will continue to increase. Because of the higher demand of private cars for automobile service enterprises, the service quality of the automobile service market will also change. According to the introduction, private car owners often spend time taking the market, asking for price or comparing, so that some automobile service enterprises earn profits by slaughters. This requires the store to work hard and provide more reasonable prices at the same time, so as to attract more customers to come. "With the popularity of automobile knowledge, private car owners DIY will repair cars and maintain vehicles more and more." Industry experts predict that some owners who are interested in vehicle maintenance will like to do their own maintenance. Therefore, in the next few years, automotive DIY services will develop faster. In our province, fast repair and brand maintenance will also develop at a high speed. According to the person in charge of the provincial transport administration, this year our province will actively explore the maintenance network to enter the community work, strive to form a unified logo, unified standard, unified process and unified contract of the vehicle fast repair network in the Yangtze River Delta as soon as possible, and it will be more convenient for the car family to repair the car.