Influence of chassis technical status on oil saving
  • Automotive

Oil saving means that oil is saved scientifically and rationally on the premise of ensuring the safety of driving, the normal use of the vehicle, and improving the efficiency of transportation and prolonging the life of the machine parts. The practice has proved that as long as the vehicle is carefully maintained, the good technical state of the vehicle is guaranteed, the correct driving technique and the good driving habit are grasps, the oil saving is of great potential and can be excavated. The skid performance of vehicle is closely related to the technical status of various parts of chassis. The skid performance is good, and the vehicle glides up lightly. The power consumption of the engine on the chassis (mainly the drivetrain and driving system) is small. The skating performance is good, the skating distance is large, and the acceleration time and distance can be shortened, and the fuel consumption can also be reduced. Therefore, to reduce fuel consumption, it is necessary to improve the technical condition and skid performance of vehicle chassis. The following inspection and adjustment should be done.