Testing method for oil and oil of 2012 Audi A4L cars
  • Automotive

The new Audi A4L car has canceled the fuel gauge. After changing the oil, it can only check the oil quantity through the MMI display screen. After the replacement of the oil, it is checked according to the display of the display screen, and it is always shown to be inspecting. And after starting the vehicle, the instrument shows that the oil quantity is not enough, the engine room cover is closed, the oil reaches the normal temperature, or the oil quantity is not enough, so it is thought that the oil does not add enough oil to the inside. 7L is still the same, but the maintenance manual says that only add 4.5 L or so. As a result, the oil maintenance lamp is reset first. On the first reset display, the quantity of oil is too much added, and the instrument does not show that the oil quantity is not enough, so the oil is pumped to the standard value. Through this case, it reminds the majority of the maintenance technicians to pay more attention. After changing the oil, it is necessary to carry out the oil maintenance light reset operation and then check the oil quantity enough.