Common problems and solutions of Junjie's exposure
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Question 1: how to handle the seal of car window or body? Answer: most of them belong to assembly quality problems, and may also be related to the quality of sticky materials. In time to 4S processing, it is basically free. Some friends also have their own materials to deal with. For example, rubber materials such as sealing strips are used 520 glue before, and 3M double sided adhesive is used for the anti friction strips. The cost is relatively low. Question 2: outside door handle is easy to get rid of. How to deal with it? Answer: steed's car outside the car along with the design of the honour, not enough to open the angle too large, can be pulled to the level of the ground, so it is easy to open the door when it is easy to get out of hand. It has been reported that the opening angle of the handle outside the door can be adjusted to 4S, but no detailed adjustment of the opening angle of the handle has yet been found. Question 3: is Junjie's tire noise larger? Answer: Junjie's Goodyear NCT5 tire focuses on its motion performance. Its outstanding feature is its small rolling resistance, which is conducive to reducing fuel consumption. But the disadvantage of such tyres is that the noise is bigger. It can be relieved by adding sound insulation. Question 4: why is Junjie's steering wheel heavier? Answer: Junjie's steering gear type is still rack and pinion, and whether variable power is being confirmed. Steed, especially the luxury model, uses 205 wide tyres, which is more resistant than other cars with 185 wide tires at low speed or in situ, which is the reason for feeling the weight of the steering wheel. (ask the expert to answer further) ask 5: why does Junjie feel the vibration when he is waiting for speed? Answer: first of all, vehicle vibration is absolute. Even the battery car will vibrate. Quietness is relative, depending on the individual's perception judgment. The jitter may be caused by the following reasons: 1. Low ignition energy causes the first problem to face when the jitter is cold starting. The temperature is low, the temperature in the engine is not enough and the temperature of the fuel and lubricating oil is not enough, so it should be more fuel to meet the cold start. The demand for power. The greater the gap between the spark plugs, the smaller the ignition energy. When the fuel atomization is not good at low temperature, the fuel needs higher ignition energy, the car is used for a long time, the ignition gap of the spark plug is easy to become larger, causing the ignition energy to decline, thus affecting the power and causing the vehicle to shake. In addition, ignition coil aging, spark plug high voltage line aging or leakage can also cause the ignition energy to be reduced. 2, the mixing ratio is not suitable to cause jitter mixing ratio of oil and gas mixture is not allowed, in open loop and closed loop control exists. In a closed loop vehicle, the minimum operating temperature of the oxygen sensor is 370 degrees Celsius. If the car is just starting, the oxygen sensor does not work because the temperature in the exhaust pipe is less than 370 degrees Celsius. At this time, ECU is misjudged, and it can reduce the power output and jitter of the car through the error of the control of the mixing and ignition time of the oil and gas through the actuator. 3, the valve and the inlet of the inlet of the inlet lead to the jitter if the gas accumulating in the throttle and the inlet of the engine can absorb a proper amount of fuel, so that even if the remaining 90 parts of the mixed oil and gas are fully burned, it can not reach the required power, and the jitter is unavoidable. 4, the different working conditions of each cylinder cause jitter. Similarly, the spark plug of multi cylinder machine will have the above problems. After long time use, spark plug ignition gap and time control will be different, but the ECU can not diagnose this deviation, still treat "them" equal, this appears the actual and theoretical errors, the results of some cylinder power is small, will lead to jitter. After the engine has been used for a long time, the gap between each cylinder liner and piston will also appear large or small, that is, some gaps are large and some of them are small. When cold start, there is no good lubricating oil. Large gap cylinder easily leaks out certain high temperature gas from the gap, thereby reducing the power output. 5, the water temperature sensor failure causes jitter, if you have a fever, but the reading of the thermometer is normal, what will happen? The water temperature sensor is one of the important bases for computer to determine the engine condition at that time. If the engine is cold starting at minus 10 degrees Celsius, but the sensor "tells" the computer "now the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius", then the computer will be 20 degrees centigrade fuel injection, of course, oil is small, the jitter of course is natural. 6, other factors cause the jitter air flow meter to be dirty, leading to the decrease of the intake air; the EGR (exhaust gas recirculating) valve working condition is not good, the exhaust gas is introduced at idle speed, the idle motor controls the bypass inlet to adjust the intake volume, if the low voltage is not in place; the oil is too poor, The power output of combustion is smaller than the corresponding calorific value. Specific to steed, according to the owner of the car, the early number of cars have a big jitter of the new car problem, now the reason is that the engine rubber material machine pawl pads hard cause, can be replaced free of charge to the 4S. Question 6: how can we solve the problem of Junjie's gear blocking? Answer: 1, grinding and in the period of a relatively common or relatively common thing, general to 5000 kilometers, there will be obvious improvement; 2, for hanging a gear, the general speed is better than 5 kilometers, the speed is higher than 5 kilometers, it is recommended not to operate one block; 3, steed's clutch pedal and the distance from the car floor is closer. If the thicker ground rubber and foot pads are laid, it is easy to cause the treadmill to not be able to step on the bottom, which is sometimes difficult to block.