The chaos behind the prosperity of automobile maintenance industry is becoming more and more serious.
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"In brand repair shops are so slaughtered, where to repair cars to make people feel at ease!" Mr. Wang's reluctantly told many consumers' voices. Recently, a car named Wang surnamed was struck by a car brake and repaired at a well-known car repair chain in Beijing. After checking the maintenance personnel, he told him: "the brake disc is badly worn and needs to be replaced; the brake disc and the brake pump are also aging, so it is recommended to replace them. In addition, in order to ensure driving safety, oil, brake oil and transmission oil must be replaced. " But after a long time, Mr. Wang found that the brakes still existed and changed to a repair shop. A check knew that the original red paint on the brake pump was still in, indicating that the part had not been changed, and the new brake disc had a quality problem. This is just the tip of the iceberg for car repairs. By the end of last year, there were more than 120 million private cars in China. The development of the automobile market brought the prosperity of the automobile repair service industry. But behind the prosperity is the charge price, the quality of the accessories are different, the fault diagnosis is different, the maintenance process is small, the replacement parts are good and so on. First of all, it is a wild demand, the same failure, the same owners, but different maintenance sites, the price of maintenance is quite different. Secondly, the quality of accessories is not good or bad. People in the industry revealed: "when the car repairs, the repair of the old parts, fake parts are installed on the customer's car, even the new parts on the customer's car, replacing the old pieces, and then selling new pieces of high price is a common matter." Again, it's a big doctor. In order to gain greater profits, some car repair shops do not want to repair auto parts and spare parts to repair the car, but replace them directly. Mr. Zhang found that his car couldn't start, so he contacted a garage. After checking Mr. Zhang's vehicle, the maintenance personnel said, "the battery of the car is out of order, and a new battery worth 500 yuan is needed. Because rush to drive home, Mr. Zhang paid 500 yuan for a new battery. Two days later, when Mr. Zhang took the old battery to another garage to test, the maintenance staff told him, "the battery is not very bad, there is a short circuit in it, and a little repair can continue to use." In 2005, the Ministry of Communications issued the regulations for the maintenance and management of motor vehicles (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations"). The main purpose of the regulations is to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, but the shortcomings are also obvious. The thirty-first "vehicle maintenance operators shall not use fake and shoddy parts to repair motor vehicles". This is aimed at low-end, poorly managed repair enterprises often shoddy, using counterfeit products pit consumers. Therefore, the regulations require the establishment of the registration system for purchasing parts, record the date of purchase, the name of the supplier, the address, the name of the product and the specifications and models, and examine the relevant certificates of the product certificate. " At the same time, although the fortieth provisions of the "Regulations" stipulate that "road transport management agencies should accept the maintenance quality complaints of motor vehicles, and actively comply with the maintenance contract agreements and relevant regulations to mediate the quality of maintenance disputes". But there is no clear reference to a "compensation mechanism", the loss of the quality of the maintenance of the consumer may cause the loss, no "mandatory obligation" and "economic penalty" for the maintenance. As for maintenance price, unified pricing is indeed unrealistic. Because the maintenance is to make the price according to the actual situation. But for those illegal and unreasonable prices, manufacturers must be punished. The relevant departments can take some measures to make unified pricing for more general maintenance projects and maximize the rights and interests of consumers. Experts point out that, on the one hand, the state should protect the rights and interests of consumers; on the other hand, consumers should learn to protect themselves and reduce their losses through their own efforts. It is best to choose a regular 4S shop to repair, try to avoid going to the roadside store. Moreover, it is the goods that are more than three, ask clearly and make a choice again. The parts to be replaced should be kept in good condition to confirm whether there is a need for replacement. At the same time, the maintenance quality dispute can also be used as evidence. Learn to read the maintenance bill, remember to claim relevant vouchers and invoices after completing the car, so as to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests when safeguarding their rights.