How to maintain and replace the car fuse
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How to change the fuse to find the safety box position. The safety box in the cab is usually located at the side of the central console near the door or under the steering wheel; the engine inside is generally at the edge of the engine compartment of the vehicle. Look up the fuse table to find the fuse position. According to the fuse comparison table in the cover of the fuse box, we can find the location of the fuse to be located. Use tools to replace fuses. Use the special tools equipped with the car to pull out the damaged fuse, then replace the new spare fuse. At present, the plug-in fuse used by vehicles has no positive and negative points, so when changing the fuse, only pay attention to the fuse size and ampere number. Precautions for replacement of fuse (1) the value of ampere should be correct. When replacing the fuse, we must choose the fuse with the correct ampere number, and do not increase the current specification of the fuse at will. There is no replacement fuse. In case of no backup fuse, replacement of fuse on other equipment that has no influence on driving and safety can be replaced in case of emergency. If a fuse with the same current load can not be found, the lower rated current of the original fuse can be used.