Inspection and solution of winter vehicle window seal fault
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When the window glass is damaged, replace the glass with the curvature of the original window glass, and check whether the glass guide groove and the sealing strip are damaged. Since the window has been repaired, it often does not return to its original shape. Therefore, in addition to ensuring that the window glass can be easily pulled or lifted, the sealing property of the window glass around the window is also paid attention to. At the top of the car, a layer of conductive sealant should be coated on the top of the top of the car, and then the adhesive is coated in the groove and the seam. It not only helps the seal of the body, but also prevents the early rust from the car body because of the water in the flanging weld. When the door is assembled, a whole sealing film is attached to the inner plate of the door below the window. If there is no sealed isolation film, it can be replaced by ordinary plastic paper, then the seal film is pressed and then the interior panel is made and assembled. When repairing the door with sealed flange, attention should be paid to repairing damaged flange and restoring the shape of the original flange accurately. After repairing the door, we should check the seal. The method is to put a hard piece of paper on the seal position, close the door, pull the paper, and judge whether the seal is good according to the size of the tension. If the force needed to pull the paper is too large to explain the tightness of the seal, it will affect the normal closure of the car door, and will also cause the seal to lose the sealing performance quickly because of the excessive deformation. If the force needed to pull the paper is too small, it indicates that the sealing is bad, and the phenomenon of the door windshield and rain often appears. When changing the car door, be sure to pay attention to the edge of the inside and outside of the new car door. When repairing the car line, all the seal rings in the body holes and holes should be put in place, because these seals not only play a sealing role, but also protect the harness. If the sealing ring has been damaged or the wire harness can move or move in the seal ring, the sealing ring should be replaced and it is firmly assembled with the body hole and hole of the body to stabilize the harness. In the replacement of the whole body, in addition to the completion of the above items, a layer of sealant should be coated on the lap part of the weld and the solder joint. The thickness of the film should be about 1mm, and the adhesive layer shall not have defects such as virtual sticky, bubble and so on; and the special folding glue should be applied at the folding edge; the surface and the front wheel of the floor are under the floor. The surface of the cover should be coated with 3mm-4mm's elastic coating and anticorrosion coating. On the surface of the floor and the surface of the front plate, the sound insulation, insulation, damping and damping film should be pasted, then the insulation felt is laid on the floor, and then the carpet or the decorative floor is put on the floor. These measures can not only greatly enhance the sealing performance of the whole vehicle and slow down the corrosion rate of the car body, but also greatly improve the riding comfort.