Emergency solution for diesel vehicle in transit
  • Automotive

When running on a flat road, if the vehicle fails, it should be changed from the high speed gear to the low gear quickly, and the engine speed will be reduced by engine traction. If the brake failure occurred in the downhill, in addition to the use of engine braking, it should also use the roadside natural obstacles to stop, as far as possible to reduce the loss of the accident. If the rear tire burst, the rear part of the car would swing. If the front tire burst, the car will run drastically, causing accidents easily at high speed. In this regard, the driver should control the steering wheel with both hands, keep the car straight, relax the throttle, change from the high-speed gear into the low speed gear, use the traction resistance of the engine to brake the vehicle, and then stop the car slowly. During the operation of the vehicle, the diesel engine suddenly works rough, then the power falls, even extinguish. The smell of the diesel is smelled when the parking is checked. The appearance inspection can find the cracking of the oil supply pipe. If it is a slight rupture, it can be wrapped in soap and adhesive tape and secured with metal wire at both ends of the rupture. If the rupture of the low pressure oil pipe is serious or broken, the rubber pipe or plastic sleeve can be used at both ends of the pipe breaking point, and the ends are fastened with metal wire and tape and temporary use. If the diesel engine gradually extinguished, can not restart after the extinguishing, turn off the injection pump gas screw, use the hand, the oil pump to remove the air, and then start, but work for a period of time and extinguish the air in the oil supply pipeline, the air should be eliminated in time to find out the leakage position and repair. The method is as follows: first, the oil screw is loosened and the oil is pumped with the hand oil pump until there is no bubble in the outflow diesel oil. Then the screw is immediately tightened, then the air in the high-pressure oil pipe is discharged, the high pressure pipe joint nut is loosened and the engine is rotated with the starter, to the no bubbles in the diesel pipe joint. Then lock the nut. The diesel engine is difficult to start, the supply system has no oil leakage phenomenon, and the manual oil pump is pulled without normal working resistance, which indicates that the oil pump is damaged. If the oil pump check valve wear is closed, the check valve and valve seat can be smeared with appropriate amount of valve grinding cream. If only the seal ring is worn and damaged, and no new sealing ring can be replaced, it can be cut into 1 rings according to the width of the trough groove of the piston, with about 0.1 millimeter thick copper sheet, encircled in the groove, and then put on the old sealing ring for temporary use. When the vehicle is running, the water temperature suddenly rises, and the fan end has abnormal sound. If the fan V belt is damaged, replace the standby fan V belt. If no belt is available, the rope can be temporarily replaced, but similar to the original fan V belt, the rope head should be clamped in the middle and not exposed. If there is no spare belt, but the original fan V belt is not aging, iron wire clamp can be used. When the clamp is connected, the wire should be parallel, the outside wire should be crossed and the vehicle should be slow. During the operation of the vehicle, the water temperature of the diesel engine has increased sharply. If the radiator is leaking, the cooling water will be reduced and the diesel engine is overheated. A small piece of rheumatism cream pad can be cut off and then quickly glued with epoxy resin. For the leakage of the heat pipe, it can be cut off, the cotton regiment is coated with soap, the clipper is clipped and the heat pipe is curled, and the adhesive method can be used for temporary first aid.