BYD F3 ABS, handbrake light fault lights
  • Automotive

A 2007 F3, at 8 o'clock in the evening, the owner called to say that ABS lights were on, the handbrake lights were on, and the call request was supported. After inquiring about the power and brake system has no obvious influence, tell the owner to drive slowly to the repair shop. 20min received a call from the owner again, saying that the car could not go. Fortunately, it was only 2km distance from the repair shop. The car was towed back to the factory. The owner told me that in fact, the car's headlights were no longer bright, and it had gone 3km many times. I asked the owner whether the power was affected when the headlights were not lit. Trying to make a fire, apparently the battery was out of power, so the owner was asked specifically. At that time, he did not notice whether the charging lamp of the battery was on.