Land Rover freer engine can't start
  • Automotive

A Land Rover Freeman with a distance of about 120 thousand km. User response: the starter did not respond when the car was started, and the engine could not operate. After receiving the vehicle: check the power supply system, the battery capacity is sufficient, the battery cable is connected well. The starter can work immediately when people supply the starter. It shows that the starter is good, and the problem is in the control circuit. Find the starter relay in the fuse box on the left side of the engine compartment, check with the test lamp, and the power supply is normal. The relay is short circuited by the jumper, and the starter runs, indicating that the control circuit between the relay and the starter is normal. Problems may arise from ignition switches and gear switches. After actual inspection, there is no problem with the gear switch, but there is no voltage on the P terminal. Along the track, fuse F5 (for starting system) was burned. Replacement of the fuse, trial run, the engine started smoothly, but there was a great impact when shifting, and the dashboard did not show gear. Recheck the gear switch and its circuit, confirm that there is no problem. The automatic transmission module was taken out of the waterproof box and found that the module had collision traces. To replace the module, the failure is completely eliminated.