TOYOTA overlord remote control matching
  • Automotive

1, open the driving side door and close the door lock switch unlock. 2, insert the key after pulling out, manual operation in the control switch to do "open - off" five cycles (lock - unlo CK for a cycle, a cycle time of 2 seconds). 3, close the driving side door and open it again, then perform manual operation of the central control switch for 5 cycles. 4, the key key on to key off two cycles, in this process, the body computer will make the central control automatically lock to unlock two times, this indicates that the rewrite mode is selected. 5 at the same time, hold down the "lock" "unlock" button on the remote control emitter, then hold the "lock" key, at this time the lock will automatically lock and unlock 1 times, indicating that the log has been successful, if the two failure, you must log in again.