Weichai natural gas engine can not start
  • Automotive

A five continents LNG passenger car equipped with WP10NG26OE30 engine can not start the engine. After taking the car: check the spark plugs jump fire, normal; remove gas metering valve (FMV) to the mixer gas pipe, start also jet; check the liquefied natural gas pressure, 850 kPa; check the signal generator disc, the TDC scale line is right to the sensor center when the 1 cylinder is compressed, and the battery voltage is checked. The dynamic time is 20 V; check engine system related data, start MAP numerical value normal; finally observe the LNG cylinder to the water bath vaporizer of the stainless steel pipeline, the surface is not frosting, under normal conditions, after opening the LNG tank outlet valve, this pipeline should be frosted, analysis is that LNG gas supply is insufficient. Although the pressure gauge indicates that the pressure is sufficient, it may be that the methane content in the gas is insufficient, which means that the quality of the gas added is not good enough. Troubleshooting: after adding LNG of good quality, test run and engine start smoothly.