Failure analysis of the regulation failure of the headlamp
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Reader Luo asked: when the car ran more than 1000 kilometers, it was found that the automatic adjustment of the headlights failed. What was the matter? Reply: this kind of phenomenon should be the internal adjustment of the motor, the motor does not work, the failure is not eliminated, it is necessary to check the fault location according to the fault code prompt, so when the service station is checked and maintained, you should tell the other party do not only eliminate the fault code, and do not check the maintenance. Readers, Mr. Zheng asked: the car alarm will ring itself every few hours. If you press the lock button, it will not ring. What is the reason? Reply: it is suggested to check the anti-theft system to the maintenance shop, such as the door door edge sensor, machine cover switch and so on, whether there is a bad contact phenomenon, if such a problem, can be adjusted or replaced. Readers, Miss Ling asked: Recently, the car left brake disc has scratched. Will this affect the brake safety? Response: there is a scratch on the brake disc in normal use, with small grains of sand entering between the brake disc and the brake disc and inlaid on the brake disc. In general, it will not affect the safety of the brake. If you don't feel safe, you can call the S shop to discs the vehicle's brake discs. Reader Xie asked: the door of a car has some air leakage. Could you tell me how to do it? Answer: the leakage phenomenon is mainly related to the door seal. In addition, it is also necessary to check the bad sealing of the place where the wire harness passes. The sound of the shutting door may be related to the improper adjustment of the door lock and the lock column, and the improper adjustment of the position of the lock block will lead to the abnormal closing of the door, or the phenomenon that the switch can not be easily made. The car door seal can be added to the auto parts city.