Honda accord accelerates the pedal after hanging on the reverse gear
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A GAC Honda accord car with a mileage of about 86 thousand km. User response: the vehicle can reverse backward at idle speed when it is attached to the reverse gear, but it stops when one pedal accelerates, and there is no trouble code for the automatic transmission. The automatic transmission of the Guangzhou Automobile Honda accord uses three parallel axis gear transmission with three axes with input shaft (spindle), auxiliary shaft and auxiliary shaft. There are first, second, third, 4 and 5 pairs of gears on the shaft, 2 pairs of idler wheels and 1 pairs of driving gears, and 1 trolley gears on the auxiliary shaft. The shift actuator consists of 5 clutches, 1 one-way clutch and 1 reverse slip sleeves. The clutch is controlled by the hydraulic system, and the reverse sliding sleeve is directly operated by the transmission lever. The reverse power transmission route is as follows.