After the Honda accord starts, the engine will turn off immediately.
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A Honda accord 2.4 car with a mileage of about 50 thousand km in 2008. User response: the vehicle will extinguish at 2S after starting, and the engine fault light will light up. After receiving the car: the maintenance personnel first used the fault diagnosis instrument to detect, and found that there was a fault code related to the electronic throttle control system (ETCS). Clear the fault code and start the engine. The fault is still the same, but the engine fault light is no longer lit. Further check the intake system, find no blockage; check the fuel supply system, the pressure is normal; check the ignition system, spark plug, ignition coil is no abnormal, visual ignition strength is normal. Then, the maintenance personnel connect the special fault diagnosis instrument HDS to look up the data flow, and find that the starting space time gas flow meter (MAF) value remains the same as 0.5G/s, and there is an obvious anomaly. When the MAF sensor splice is disconnected, the engine can start the engine, and the engine can start and drive normally, but the fault alarm light is on. According to this, it is basically determined that the fault is caused by the abnormal air flow meter. Remove the MAF sensor and find a layer of velvet foreign body on the hot wire. Clean sensor after loading back, restart engine, can start smoothly. Troubleshooting: clean air flow meter, troubleshooting. Review the summary: