Let the car be bright. Chang Xiaobian teaches you ten tips for washing cars.
  • Automotive

Cleaning the car as the most common maintenance project is probably the thing every car love is willing to do, but it is a simple thing and a lot of knowledge. Today, we will introduce to you the owners of our car 10 tips for making the car always bright. 1. Clean the car for 1 times with clean water for 2-3 days. In case of rain, the car must be cleaned after the weather is clear. 2. When the body is covered with dirt, apply the cleaning agent to sponge the whole car, then rinse and dry it with clean water. 3, turn the engine off before washing the car to avoid the engine overheating and drying the detergent. Under the scorching sun or hot weather, we should avoid cleaning too large area at once. After using the cleaning agent, wash the body with water immediately, so as not to leave any traces of the detergent on the body after being dried. 4. When the body is stained with grease, the detergent can be sprayed at the oil stain to dissolve it, and then be cleaned with detergent. 5. If the tire and steel ring are contaminated with oil, they can be cleaned with detergent or detergent first, and then a tire maintenance agent can be sprayed to have black and bright tires and bright steel rings. 6, if the bumper is contaminated with oil or appear white phenomenon, the first cleaning agent can be cleaned with a hard brush, and then the leather maintenance agent will be sprayed again, and the bumper will be bright as new. 7, if the surface of the car feels rough, it indicates that it has been attached to carbon particles or dirt particles. At this time, the decontamination clay can be used to remove it. When grinding, sufficient water must be added to stick the dirt and restore the original smooth surface. 8. When dirt is found on the windows, it can be treated with decontamination clay and cleaned with glass cleaner. 9. If there are rust stains on Stainless Steel Decorations, rust stains can be removed by decontamination clay and then polished with detergent. 10, after the whole body is cleaned, do not forget to use the warm hair to maintain the whole car and wipe the whole car, so that the towel can be used to wipe the body smooth and smooth.