Toyoda Kamimizu engine fault light, report P0012 failure
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A TOYOTA Camry. Customer response: when the car is running, the engine fault lamp will light up. The car has been working outside the repair shop before. The customer reflected that after the first change of oil, the fault light was lit. The fault code was detected by computer for P0012 (camshaft position "A"), and the fault code was cleared at that time, but the fault code was lit after two days, and the fault code was P0012. Fault diagnosis: analysis of the reasons may be: (1) incorrect timing; the circuit between Z ECU and oil control valves is malfunction; (3) oil control valve failure or filter; (4) oil quality problems or insufficient pressure; 5. First, the fault code is read as IT-II by using the P0012 diagnostic instrument, and the speed of the engine is not changed by using the active test to test the VVT-i function. Remove the oil control valve and use the IT-II diagnostic instrument for active test. The piston in the oil control valve can move normally, indicating that the circuit and the oil control valve itself have no fault. Then check the engine oil pressure and remove the oil pressure sensor. The measuring terminal oil pressure is 15 kPa, low, normal is 29kPa. Open the valve cover check, found that there are some small red particles in the cylinder cover, and then remove the oil control valve filter, the inside has been completely blocked by red glue, the original oil into the VVT-i control valve, so there is no work. Inspection and analysis of red colloid is produced by the rupture of the apron inside the oil filter. Because the oil filter uses a bad product, the red glue is permeated into the engine from the interior of the oil filter, causing the pipeline to clog, and the engine assembly can only be carried out. After the re overhaul, test the car, normal.