Pentium B70 has low idle speed after cleaning the throttle
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Q: a 2008 Pentium B70 has a low idle speed after speeding up the throttle (between 630 and 660r/min), using the X431 decoder to see no fault codes. Reading data streams found that short-term and long-term fuel corrections are always in the process of reducing fuel correction, and the rest of the data flow is not abnormal. Now the owner is repairing the trouble of the idle speed of the hot car. Please advise how to repair it. Another question is which is the equivalent oxygen sensor? Answer: according to your description, if the throttle cleaning match is not a problem, the car has two problems: one is the nozzle clogging, it needs to be cleaned; the two is the front oxygen sensor (that is, you said the equivalent oxygen sensor) has problems or the leakage near the installation hole, causing the electroencephalon to reduce fuel correction and idle speed. Shake. Of course, it does not exclude the situation of excessive oil absorption caused by carbon evaporation or carbon tank blockage.