Volkswagen Passat plug in the air flow meter after idle stalling.
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Q: a 2005 Passat 1.8T car, air flow meter inserted after the idle speed, after pulling down normal idle speed, acceleration is still possible, what is the reason for this? Answer: this situation indicates that the mixture of the vehicle engine is too strong. If the signal of the air flow meter is strong, the engine will not work and stall. There are three reasons for the failure of the engine to mix too much steam: one is too little intake, the other two is too much oil, and three is the lack of ignition energy. Air filter plugging or carbon plugging plug into the airways, high oil pressure or nozzle dripping or carbon tank blockage, engine load too large (excessive injection pulse width), bad ignition system can cause bad combustion can be caused. In addition, it is normal that the air flowmeter is not extinguished after the air flowmeter is unplugged, but there is also a special case. If the air flow meter you use does not match the car, the connection can also cause a flameout failure.