Honda accord car gearshift lever cannot be moved
  • Automotive

A 2005 2.4L Honda accord with a mileage of about 160 thousand km. User reflection: the auto transmission speed lever lock stops, can not hang gear, press the emergency button of the transmission lever, force it into the D bit, then push the transmission lever back to the P bit, and can no longer hang into any other position, that is, the transmission lever is locked in the P bit. After receiving the car: first connect the diagnostic instrument to detect the engine control unit, and do not find the fault code. The engine data flow is observed. The value of the throttle position sensor (TPS) is 11%, the relative TPS value is 10%, the ignition timing is 24 degrees and the engine speed is I300 r/min. From the data flow, the most obvious is that the engine is not running at the idle speed, the ignition advance angle is locked at 24 degrees, and the relative TPS value should be 0% at idle condition, indicating the wrong value of 10%. Using data flow to detect brake switch and gear switch signal, the power supply of the solenoid valve with shift lever is measured by multimeter.