How to unlock the Audi C5 1.8T radio after the lock
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Q: a 2004 1.8T Audi C5 is locked because of a power failure radio. I have no password. How do I unlock it? Answer: Audi A6 radio in the case of power failure will enter the password protection state, the radio screen shows the word "SAFE", if you know the password, you can hold the sound and press 3S under the FM2 and its button, the screen will appear "1000", then press the 1 to 4 channel key to enter the password, and then hold FM2 and the same time. The button below it will turn on. If the password is not correct, the screen will quickly flicker "SAFE". At this time, the password - free boot method is used. (the car sets the factory assembly method to avoid the trouble of decoding, also called the non password boot method). When the sound lock is dead, first close the sound and dismantle it. Do not remove all the plugs. Just pull the plug out. Turn the sound out. There are 5 holes in the iron shell on the reverse side of the sound. The hole can be seen on the board with 1,2,3,4,5, looking for a section of wire, removing the outer skin to expose the metal about 0.5mm, inserting 1 holes. And the 2 hole in the 1 terminal and the 2 terminal short connection, in the short connection at the same time plug the power plug, open the sound, take off the short connection can see the radio frequency, unlocking completion.