BMW X6 multi-function vehicle information screen hints engine power down
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A BMW X6 sports utility vehicle with a N55 mileage of about 60 thousand km, with a mileage of about N55. User response: the central information display indicates that the power of the engine decreases. Inspection and analysis: the maintenance personnel tried the car, and found that the car was speeding up when it came from the engine compartment. Detect engine control unit and find fault indication that throttle signal is not credible and overcharged. After clearing the fault code to test the car, the failure is still. According to the characteristics of fault indication and engine abnormal noise, the intake air flow has an impact on the throttle valve plate when the vehicle is speeding up. When the idle speed is accelerating, it is observed that the action of the exhaust bypass valve is very small. A vacuum is applied to the pneumatic element to find its damage. Troubleshooting: replace the bypass valve pneumatic components, troubleshooting.