MITSUBISHI V73 car rear door lock is not linked
  • Automotive

A MITSUBISHI km car with a mileage of about 160 thousand V73. Users reflect: when using the remote control to open and lock the lock of the car door (or the key opening and closing the cab Che Mensuo), the door lock can not be linked up, and the rest of the door lock is normal. Fault check: according to the remote control, the door and door lock can be heard after opening and closing the door lock, indicating that the circuit is no problem. The key can be opened directly with the locked door lock, and the door lock can be opened and closed normally, but the key of the twisting key is more laborious, indicating that there may be stuck trouble in the interior. Disassemble the rear door lock and the door lock actuators, remote control the lock of the door and check the actuators, and find that the linkage is normal in the case of not connecting the rod, indicating that the actuators have no problem. Check the lock and find that the lower rod is obviously rusty, so it is rusted and lubricated, but the failure is still the same. The door lock is removed again. Further inspection finds that the left screw of the rear plate lock holds the rod. Troubleshooting: move the retaining screws of the rear license plate to one position, install the lock of the vehicle door, and troubleshoot. Fault analysis: it is understood that the license plate lock is newly installed. As the lock lock is installed, the fixed screw is just on the back door lock rod, which causes the door lock actuators to not pull the pull rod, so the rear door lock can not be linked to the fault.