Corresponding countermeasures for vehicle running deviation
  • Automotive

Under normal circumstances, the left and right tyres of the vehicle should be of the same type, similar pattern, wear degree and air pressure. If the two tire models on the front axle are different, the pattern and the wear degree are different, the vehicle will tilt to the large side of the wear. If the wear degree of the rear wheel tire is different, the adhesion coefficient is different from the ground friction force, and the braking will make the vehicle run off. If the two tire pressure on the front axle is different, the rolling radius of the tire is different in the course of driving, and the direction of the car automatically deviates to the low side of the air pressure, which causes the direction to run off. The installation of tires should be done: one is a reasonable match. Two tires with similar wear, equal air pressure and similar pattern shall be mounted on the same shaft and assembled according to the direction of the arrow marked on the tire. The two is to pay attention to the direction. For the single guide pattern radial tire, the transposition should be maintained on the same side of the vehicle, keeping the same rotation direction: three is the degree of assurance. Replace the tire with the front axle at the same time as possible, reasonably assemble the tires replaced by the front wheel, and wear the tyres more than 1.6 millimeters or the twenty thousand kilometre tires of the vehicle running about twenty thousand kilometers, and make the tire transposition at the right time.