Long term high temperature easy to spontaneous combustion summary of automobile self ignite precursor
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In summer, the weather is hot and vehicles run in high temperature for a long time. In general, car spontaneous combustion is first smoke, and then burn, if the owner of the usual vigilance, when the smell of abnormal smell, early parking inspection, fire events may be avoided. So a car friend can check where a car is out of trouble by smelling the abnormal smell? A car is made up of at least 7000 parts, such as metal, plastic, and rubber, which make a pungent smell, such as burnt, smelly, plastic, and so on in abnormal wear and consumption. According to these odors, we can use nose to identify some faults of vehicles. This odor is the most distinguishable. First check the belt, brake shoe, and tire to see if the rubber products in these parts are slack or overheated. If they are found to be the smell of brakes or tires, stop immediately, and then drive again after heat. This situation is mostly caused by overheating of the electrical circuit. Because the plastic outer sheath of electric wires is thin, the smell is not very large. However, when the wire is short circuited, it is accompanied by local smoke or fever. It is easy to cause combustion and fire because of the long time. Once the wire is overheated, it is necessary to stop immediately to find out the cause. It is not obvious that the smell of wire burning is small, but the danger index is very high. In general, the temperature of the wire is too high in summer. If it is not found in time, it is easy to cause the complete damage of the circuit, the engine cylinder, and even the self ignition of the whole vehicle. In the course of driving, if the special smell of nonmetallic materials burned burned, it is usually caused by the burning or overheating of the clutch friction plate. This smell will also be smelly, because the material of the clutch disc is made of rubber and asbestos and other materials. If the clutch is used normally, and there is no obvious difficulty in hanging or starting, and the smell from the car comes from the rear of the car, then check whether the brake system is overheated. Some careless owners drive under the condition of a handbrake, which will make the rear brake block locked and cause the smell of coke. If the car can smell unburned gasoline, it should arouse the attention of the riders. First, determine the location and extent of oil leakage before driving on the road again. When the vehicle is used for a long time, the oil pipeline will suffer from aging and cracking, and the fuel will leak out from these parts. Therefore, when the car friend smells the smell of gasoline, it should stop the fire immediately, put out the clear fire and so on, and thoroughly check the oil road. If the fuel tank leaks oil, there is an urgent way to plug the leaking oil with chewing gum and then repair it as soon as possible. This smell is common in carburetor cars, people commonly known as "oil burning", in addition to smelling the smell of people, the exhaust tube will also smoke black smoke. One situation is due to the serious wear of the inner wall of the cylinder or the serious wear of the piston, the oil jumping into the engine combustion chamber; the other is the serious wear of the valve and the possible burning of the oil; and the aging of the oil pipe of the vehicle, the oil drop to the engine or the exhaust pipe, and the bad smell in the case of high temperature. Most of this is the leakage or loss of the electrolyte, which occurs mostly on the wet battery, because the battery needs to be stored and converted by the electrolyte, but when the electrolyte leaks, it will produce a pungent taste; at the same time, if the electrolyte is too much or a loss. When the generator is forced to charge the battery, it will make the battery overheating and white smoke, and the smell will be even worse. To find this problem, electrolyte should be replenished in time and charged to the battery.