Vehicle repair is privately used to guard against four maintenance traps.
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With the improvement of living standards, cars are no longer "luxury" and become "necessities" of life. While enjoying the convenience brought by the car, the troubles of car owners also follow. One of the troubles is the service "trap" in the maintenance and maintenance of the car, such as the use of ordinary washing powder, the use of ordinary washing powder, the good, the expansion of the scope of maintenance, "small illness as a doctor of disease" and so on. With the improvement of living standards, cars are no longer "luxury" and become "necessities" of life. While enjoying the convenience brought by the car, the troubles of car owners also follow. One of the troubles is the service "trap" in the maintenance and maintenance of the car, such as the use of ordinary washing powder, the use of ordinary washing powder, the inferior, the expansion of the maintenance scope, "small illness as a doctor of disease" and some consumers even slaughtered and cheated, may be still in the dark. Love car "hurt" originally upset people, let the black heart of the maintenance workers to stir up, it is called a lit. "The number of kilometre is just 11111, and I remember it well, but when I went to pick up the car in second days, the number became 11270." Shen Yue, a member of the public, had a Buick lacrosse and was driven into a nearby garage as he was scraped on the road. "I had something urgent to do that day, so I'd like to park my car in the garage, and I'll mention it on the second day, who knows my car is being used by them." "A friend called me that night," said Shen. "I said I saw my car in Jinhua and asked if I was on a business trip. I thought my friend was wrong, then I saw that the number of kilometers changed, and I knew someone had opened my car privately." The car that he sent to repair was regarded as the "private car" of the staff of the repair shop. Shen Yue was very annoyed and looked for the boss theory of the repair shop, but because of no evidence, the boss was very good and ended up. "The car is sent to repair, not for their private use, this time I can only admit my bad luck, and I will never go to the garage again." It is not uncommon for maintenance vehicles to be used by private car operators. Mr. Huang, the owner of the car, told reporters that his car was at the maintenance station and he had just added the oil. When he took the car, he found that the oil was half empty. Although the owner is angry, this situation often fails to find evidence. The owner can only admit his bad luck. Connoisseur recruitment: sometimes, because of special reasons, the car has to stay in the repair shop for the night, if the other side is lack of integrity, the right to know, the right to fair trade is difficult to be guaranteed. When the vehicle owners are going to repair, it is best to keep an eye on the odometer and oil meter, and take photographs to leave evidence. If the vehicle is found to be used, it is necessary to negotiate with the staff of the garage and safeguard their rights. Recently, Li Haowen, a citizen of the public, had just bought a Mercedes Benz. He accidentally bumped into a low stone pier when he was back and left a scratch on the bumper. Mr. Li is very heartache. The car he just bought has a scar. He must try to repair it. So he drove the car to a car repair shop. "That repair master at that time saw my car is a new car, and relatively high-end, it is strongly recommended to use imported car paint, say good gloss, and now just have a profit, can hit 40 percent off, send the whole car wax. I thought the price was cheap and I immediately agreed. " When Li Haowen went to pick up the car, the place that had been scratched seemed to be intact. After waxing, the car was polished, and Li Haowen was very satisfied. He paid the bill on the spot. But after a while, he found some tiny cracks in the place of the paint and found a regular garage. "The staff there told me that the paint I made up was not the so-called top grade lacquer but ordinary lacquer." Li Haowen said angrily, "the worker also said that the paint could not see anything unusual when it was sprayed, but it will soon be stripper after using it. High grade paint can be maintained for more than five years, the price is high, while ordinary lacquer particles are uneven, adhesion is not strong, and life expectancy is very short. Not only is the paint shoddy, but some roadside repair shops still have an inverted behavior. When the car is repaired, the repair workers use the old parts and the fake parts to be installed on the customer's car, even replace the new pieces on the customer's car, replace the old pieces, and then sell the new pieces in high price. Experts: a high price difference is a common trick in auto repair shop. If the owner is just changing some oil consuming parts such as oil and three filters, if he is familiar with the car, he can go to a regular repair shop. For the repair of the repair shop Auxiliary Factory Parts filling factory, in the replacement parts, the owner of the best in the scene, especially to check the brand of those accessories and anti-counterfeit labeling. "It's difficult to buy a car to maintain a car." nowadays, the high maintenance cost has become a headache for many car owners. The maintenance looks very simple, how to do it on the instructions. But in fact, there are some traps in maintenance. "I've seen the car maintenance manual, which says the first maintenance is 7500 kilometers, but one of the staff at a repair shop told me that the first maintenance of the car was 2000 kilometers ahead of time." Mazda owner Jiang Mei can not help wondering, their daily journey to work is only 10 minutes drive, the road conditions are also good, need to maintain it in advance? Each kind of car has its own "maintenance manual", there are the first maintenance of the kilometer, the increase or decrease within ten percent is normal. But some car repair shop staff will persuade owners to maintain as early as possible, the idea of instilling the sooner the better. People who do not know much about automobile knowledge are often misled by such professionals to do maintenance. Expert tips: early maintenance does not cost much to cars, but it requires consumers to spend more money and time, thereby increasing maintenance costs. In case of this kind of problem, the owner can not agree. It is not wrong to insist on the replacement within the scope specified by the manufacturer's instructions. If you want to advance, preferably within ten percent of the prescribed mileage. Before you go to the maintenance, you should clearly maintain the contents. Otherwise, the automobile repair shop may give you additional maintenance items, and the maintenance cost will also rise. After the maintenance, ask the store for detailed documents, and understand the cost and maintenance items. After knowing these, wait until next time to do maintenance, you can have a good idea. "Less than half a year, 3 headlights have been changed." NISSAN car owner Chen thought to the reporter to introduce himself to the "pit" of the pass, "at the beginning of the auto repair shop told me that the light is bad, change a new one, but each time after the change is not long, the headlights went out of question, 3 times, and finally went to the 4S shop to check, it was found to be the original line asked. Problem, the car lamp voltage is unstable, of course, it is easy to be bad. Chen thought, 3 lights also spent a lot of money, looking for the original repair shop claim, the other said that before leaving their repair shop, everything is no problem, not responsible. It is understood that some of the irresponsible car repair shops in the process of repairing cars, the careless, or even the intention to treat the standard, resulting in the repair of the car needs to be rebuilt many times, so that consumers spend time and money, and maintenance stores can gain more profits. Expert advice: when the public repairs vehicles, we must see whether there is a maintenance business license. Engaging in vehicle maintenance and operation is subject to the permission of the road transport management organization. In order to obtain a class or two category of automobile maintenance and operation license, it can be engaged in vehicle repair, vehicle maintenance, repair and repair, and special repair for the corresponding vehicle. The three types of automobile maintenance and operation permit can be engaged in engine, body, electrical system, automatic transmission maintenance, paint, tire dynamic balance and repair, and four wheel set. The operators can obtain the management quality of one or more maintenance projects, such as position detection adjustment, oil supply system maintenance and oil replacement, injection pump and injector maintenance, crankshaft grinding, cylinder boring grinding, radiator (water tank), air conditioning maintenance, car body cleaning and maintenance.