4 pitfalls of automobile maintenance by experts in the inside
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In order not to let people cheat, the experts will try to reveal the 4 traps of vehicle maintenance, so as to prevent owners from being cheated. "It's hard to buy a car to maintain a car easily". Now, the high cost of maintenance has become a headache for many car owners. It looks simple, and explains what to do in books. But in fact, there are still some "traps" in taking care of the family. "I have seen the car" Summer Palace ". It says it is 7500 kilometers for the first time, but one of the staff of the auto repair shop has told me that the first time of the car is 2000 kilometers in advance. Mazda owner Jiang Mei Qing is not puzzled. My daily high and low class's journey is only 10 minutes' drive, and the road condition is also good. Do I have to take care of it in advance? Each car has its own "maintenance manual", the number of kilometers outside the first time, the increase or decrease within ten percent is normal. But some car repair shop staff will advise owners to take care of them as early as possible, and inculcate early and better ideas. People who do not know much about automobile knowledge are often misled by such professionals to take care of themselves. There is no loss to the car in advance, but it is necessary for the consumer to spend more money and time, thereby increasing the protection of his old book. In case of this kind of problem, the owner can not agree with it, and it is not wrong to keep it within the size of the manufacturer's explanation rules. If you want to advance, it is best to be within ten percent of the regular mileage. Before going to your home, you should understand the content of your stay. Otherwise, the garage will provide you with the additional standard of care, and the cost of maintenance will also rise. After finishing the meal, ask the shopkeeper for specific documents to understand the name and cost of the stay. After knowing these things, I will be able to keep my mind open when I wait for the next time. "Less than half a year, 3 headlights have been changed." NISSAN car owner Chen thought to the reporter to introduce himself to the "pit" of the past, "at the beginning of the start of the repair shop people told me that the light is bad, change a new one, but each time after the change is not long, the headlights went out of question, 3 times, and finally went to the 4S shop to check, only to invent the outside line asked. Problem, the car lamp voltage is unstable, of course, it is easy to be bad. Chen thought, 3 lamps also spent a lot of money to find the original repair shop claims, the other said that before they came to their repair shop, all without problems, do not hold. It is understood that some of the car repair shops that do not serve in the course of the car repair process, the careless, or even intentional treatment of the original, after the repair of the car need repeated repairs, so that the consumer takes time and money, and the repair shop can gain more profit. When the public is repairing vehicles, they must see if they can have a permit to operate. It is necessary for transportation management institutions to undertake vehicle repair and operation. We have obtained a class of two types of car repair operation, which can engage in vehicle repair, whole vehicle protection, repair relief, special repair, and three types of car repair operations allowed to break up the launching machine, body, electrical system, active transmission, paint, tire dynamic balance and repair, and four rounds. Location detection, oil supply system protection and oil replacement, injection pump and injector repair, crankshaft grinding, cylinder boring grinding, radiator (water tank), air conditioning repair, body clean protection and other special training services, operators can obtain one or more training qualification of the target. "In the car repair shop, the number of kilometers is just 11111, I remember the number clearly, but when I go to lift the car in second days, the number of kilometers into 11270." Shen Yue, a member of the public, had a Buick lacrosse. When he was scraped on the road, he drove into a nearby garage. "I had something urgent to do that day, so I'd like to park my car in the garage, and I'll mention it on the second day, who knows that my car has been used without authorization." "A friend called me that night," said Shen. "I said I saw my car in Jinhua. I asked if I was on a business trip. I thought the friend was wrong in advance. At first I saw that the number of kilometers changed, so I knew someone had opened my car without permission." The car I sent to the training was regarded as a "public car" for the staff of the repair shop. Shen Yue was very annoyed and found the boss of the repair shop. However, there was no evidence, and the boss had a good attitude. "The car is sent to repair, not to their public use, this time can only admit their bad luck, next time will not go to that garage." It is not uncommon for a vehicle to be repaired by a car repair shop as a private car. Mr. Huang, the owner of the car, told reporters that his car was at the repair station, and I just added oil. Although the owner is angry, this situation often finds no evidence. The owner can only admit his bad luck. Sometimes because of the special causes, we have to leave the car in the repair shop for the night, if the other side is lack of good faith, the right to know and the right to buy and sell is hard to be guaranteed. When the owner goes to repair, it is best to pay attention to the odometer and the oil meter, and take photographs to leave evidence. If the invention vehicle is used, it is necessary to negotiate with the duty personnel of the auto repair shop and safeguard my rights. Recently, Li Haowen, the citizens of the public, had just bought a fast car. He did not guard against a short stone pier when he was back, and left a scratch on the bumper. Mr. Li is very heartache. The car that he just bought has a scar. He always wants to repair it. So he drove the car to a car repair shop. "In advance, the apprentice apprentice saw my car is a new car, and absolutely advanced, so it is highly recommended to use the export car paint, say good gloss, and now just have a profit movement, can hit 40 percent off, send the whole car wax. I think the price is cheap, and I'll allow it immediately. " When Li Haowen went to pick up the car, the center which had been scraped seemed to be intact. After waxing, the car was bright and bright. Li Haowen was satisfied and paid the spot. However, after a period of time, he invented some small cracks in the center of the paint, and found a regular repair shop. "The staff there told me that the paint I made up was not the so-called advanced lacquer, but the ordinary lacquer." Li Haowen said angrily, "the task force also said that the paint could not see anything different when it was sprayed, but it will soon be stripper and lacquer. The advanced paint can last for more than five years, and the price is high, while the ordinary paint particles are not uniform, the adhesion force is not strong, and the life is very short. Not only is the paint shoddy, but there are still some roadside garage repair operations. When the car is repaired, the repair workers use the old parts and the fake parts to the customer's car, even replace the new pieces on the customer's car, change the old pieces, and then sell the new pieces at a low price. It is a rare skill in the garage to earn a high price difference. If the owner is just changing some oil consuming parts such as oil filter and so on, I can go to a regular repair shop when I am familiar with cars. As for the replacement of the auxiliary parts of the auxiliary factory, the owner of the car should be able to be on the spot, especially to review the brand of the accessories and the anti counterfeiting label.