Santana 2000Gsi (times Superman) is not easy to start failure.
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A Santana 2000Gsi era Superman car, when each cold engine starts the engine, needs to be repeated many times to start the car's malfunction. Inspection: the engine electronic control system is detected by a diagnostic instrument, and the fault code indicates that the throttle exceeds the matching limit. After the fault code is removed, the fault code is read again to show that the system is normal and no fault code is available. Subsequently, the data flow is read, and the voltage values of each sensor signal are basically normal, and only the throttle opening is slightly larger. Remove spark plugs, injectors, throttle bodies, and check them one by one. Because of the long time working, the electrode has been seriously ablated because of the long work, so the 4 same type of spark plugs have been replaced. The injector is covered with thick carbon in addition to the injection hole. The injector is cleaned by the ultrasonic cleaning machine, and the spray atomization and pressure relief of the injector are tested, and the throttle is also full. Oil pollution and coke deposition can not be completely closed. After cleaning with detergent, dry with a clean cloth. After these maintenance, the parts are loaded, the fault code is read again with the diagnostic instrument, and the system is normal. The basic matching setting of the throttle gate (098 group number), after the engine is started, the working condition is obviously improved and the test starts several times, all can easily start the car. However, the ignition switch was switched off, and the engine stopped after less than 5 minutes. A careful inspection of the oil circuit revealed that there was a leak in the fuel pump (bellows) of the gasoline pump. Rule out: after replacing the oil outlet pipe on the gasoline pump, the engine can start smoothly regardless of the state of the heat engine.