Analysis of the cause of damage of the front bridge and main components
  • Automotive

In the use of the car, there are the following requirements for the driving system: the car frame should have no cracks, cracks or rust, nuts, bolts, rivets must not be short, loose, rusty, no influence strength, rigidity, and the deformation of the four tires at the same time; the front and rear bridges must not have deformation and cracks; wheel V lock ends. It is reliable and easy to install; the steel ring should be completely free of crack and deformation; the radial runout of the end face or the lost surface of the wheel should not be more than 3 mm; the aperture wear of the screw hole should not be more than 1.5 mm; the exposed tire should be protected and fixed firmly. The front axle of vehicle suffers bending, torque, shear and impact load caused by uneven road. After being used for a long time, the front axle will be damaged by bending, distortion, corrosion, crack and fracture. It will affect the portability, safety and economy of the vehicle. The main damage of the front axle is as follows: the wear of the main pin hole, the wear of the upper and lower end of the main pin hole and the wear of the lock hole, the wear of the steel plate spring seat and the positioning hole, and the cracks on the surface of the I-beam. The following is a brief description of the general wear and deformation laws of the automobile front axle, the locations and causes of the main parts' damage and their maintenance.