Not all wounds can be repaired by car glass.
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Today, this operation experience is mainly for the glass of the car. It is known that the car glass is divided into two kinds: one is the laminated glass for the front windshield, the other is the toughened glass used for side windows and rear windshield. This distinction is mainly due to the fact that the front windshield needs to face a complex road directly. If the toughened glass is easily broken because of the partial impact of the crushed stone, the laminated glass is more effective than the tempered glass to prevent the local impact and can be repairable. Therefore, it is more suitable for the front windshield. Glass. Since the front windshield can be repaired, then all the wounds can be repaired? The answer is no, the front windshield only meets the following conditions to be repairable: 1, look at the location of the breakage point, the position in the glass in the glass can be repaired, if it is in the pock or the glue and so on. There is no need to repair the color area. 2, to see the damage, if there is a stretch mark and in the main line of sight (driver side), it is suggested to replace the glass directly. If there is no broken point, it can be repaired. If there is a stretch mark but not in the main line of sight and extend within 10 millimetres, it can be used to make hole injection. Today, one of our little editor has invited a glass repair technician to repair his damaged car. Next, we know the whole repair process of the front windshield with the mechanic's operation.