Analysis and maintenance of a sudden increase in oil consumption
  • Automotive

If you find that the fuel consumption is more than 10% above the normal level, it may mean that there is a problem with the vehicle. It can be timely found from the following aspects. (1) if you find the car's sliding distance is reduced obviously during driving, you should check whether the tire pressure is in accordance with the air pressure standard. If the tire is inadequately inflated, the consumption of oil will increase. (2) check the wear degree of tyres. If tire wear is serious, slippage will often occur and fuel consumption will be increased. (3) if you find abnormal noise during driving or starting, check whether the bearing and brake system are faulty. If the wheel turns abnormal, it will affect the speed and fuel consumption. (4) the slip of the clutch will cause the loss of the revolution of the engine. When you are speeding up, it is found that the engine tachometer increases very fast, but the speed increases very slowly. At this point, it can be judged that the clutch has slipped. (5) when your car has been running two or three hundred thousand kilometers, there will usually be a shortage of cylinder pressure, and the fuel consumption will increase obviously. (6) if spark plugs are used too long, fuel consumption will also increase. Because the spark plug damage will cause the ignition energy to decline, the vehicle speed up slows down, causes the gasoline consumption to increase obviously. (7) when the temperature switch and thermostat are damaged, there will also be an increase in fuel consumption.