Volkswagen Michael parking radar fault
  • Automotive

A Volkswagen Teng 1.8TSi car with a mileage of about 100 thousand km in 2008. The user reflects the car parking radar fault. Inspection and analysis: the maintenance personnel tried the car. It was found that the vehicle had a warning tone in either forward or reverse gears, but the ranging system did not work. Detection of parking auxiliary control unit, found that the ultrasonic distance sensor G205 to open circuit fault / short circuit fault prompts. Read the 08-01 group data and find that the output data of the sensor always stays at 255 cm. Read 08-06 group data, found that the G205 signal pulse width is 0 ms, while the other sensors are about 1 ms, indicating that G205 is not working. Remove the rear bumper and find the right rear central sensor G205 connector not inserted. Troubleshooting: insert sensor connector and troubleshooting.