Jianghuai Tong Yue was exposed to "rusty steel plate".
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China network television news: CCTV 2013 315 party in March 15th was broadcast on CCTV in March 15th, this year is the twenty-third time CCTV held 315 parties, the theme is "my rights and interests I do." China Internet TV has conducted live video and live broadcast of the party. The 3.15 Party of CCTV is exposed. In order to save the cost, Jianghuai Tong Yue sedan adopts a relatively cheap steel plate instead of a better anticorrosive galvanized sheet, causing the steel plate to rust and bring great safety hazard to the owner. In Jianghuai, Mr. Wang, who has repeatedly been exposed to rusty Jiangsu, has just bought more than one year of Jianghuai Tong Yue sedan, and there are many drum bags on the body. Picking up the small drum bag on the hood, Mr. Wang was surprised to find that the steel plate under the drum had rusted. Mr. Wang showed to reporters: "like psoriasis, take a little bit over here and take a little bit over there. All black, all oxidizing. " Mr. Pan of Hangzhou discovered that the Jianghuai Tong Yue car, which had just bought more than a year ago, also had many bullets. "It's very rusty," said Mr. Pan. And this one, the same, yo! I dropped it a little bit. " Cao lady of Hangzhou also found that the Jianghuai Yue Yue car, which had just bought more than two years ago, had rusted a big hole. MS Cao: "my four fingers can basically be fully extended." At the same time, many Jianghuai Yue Yue owners have found similar problems one after another. Why do cars that have just been driving for more than a year appear rusty or even rust wearing steel plates? When the car body just appeared the bulging, 4S shop did not admit that the drum bag was caused by rust. Mr. Wen told reporters: "4S shop says it is the problem of paint."