Volkswagen Santana sedan sporadic acceleration
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Q: a Santana sedan car repaired occasionally has a poor acceleration and the frequency of hot cars is higher. I check the correct ignition timing, replace the spark plug, high pressure line, clean the throttle and do a match, at the same time check the intake manifold is not leaking, three yuan catalyst unblocked, hot film air flow meter also tried to change, no fault code storage, where should the next step should be overhauled? Answer:. From the condition of your overhaul, it is basically the engine cold and hot cars are not speeding up, the cause of this failure have been repaired, and there are three cases left, that is, the bad speed of the cold car, the bad speed of the hot car and the bad acceleration. In practice, some of the reasons are common, such as water temperature sensor for the remaining three conditions will cause bad acceleration, if the cold car water temperature sensor report to the computer is a hot car signal, it will affect the acceleration, but first will affect the start, so the vehicle will be repaired in advance because of the bad start. If the water temperature sensor in the hot car reports to the computer that it is a cold signal, it will cause poor acceleration if the mixture ratio is too thick. However, because of the different degree of metamorphism of water temperature sensor and the different amendment of oxygen sensor, some of the performance of hot cars are not accelerated, and some show occasional acceleration. It is recommended that you check the parameters of the water temperature sensor and replace the four channel water temperature sensor.