Volkswagen DSG recall puzzle: bike cost or tens of thousands of dollars
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Controversy over the past four years Volkswagen DSG storm, due to exposure of CCTV 3. 15 evening, once again become the focus of public opinion. In March 16th, AQSIQ issued a notice calling on Volkswagen to recall the power transmission failure of DSG transmission. Subsequently, in its official micro-blog, said, "Volkswagen will implement active recall to solve the DSG problem." Yesterday (March 17th), the daily economic news reporter called the public in charge of the public. The other said he was still in a "urgent meeting to discuss the way and the details of the recall." all the details will be announced in the near future. A person familiar with Volkswagen told reporters that if the gearbox clutch is replaced, the cost of the bike will cost several thousand yuan. At the end of 2009, domestic complaints against the public DSG problem began to emerge. After repeated media exposure and investigation by the competent authorities, Volkswagen proposed solutions including extended warranty and software upgrade. The AQSIQ said that since March 2012, AQSIQ has been tracking the failure of power transmission failures of Volkswagen DSG transmission. In order to collect more than 1 thousand fault information, visit more than 3000 users, carry out field investigation 12 times, and analyze the defects of DSG fault parts, organize expert demonstration 7 times, basically identify the defects of DSG transmission, which will lead to power interruption and hidden danger. In May 2012, Volkswagen extended the warranty period of DSG transmission to 10 years or 160 thousand kilometers. But the DSG problem is still spreading. In February 27, 2013, AQSIQ once again met with Volkswagen, calling for its recall measures to solve the DSG failure problem as soon as possible. In March 16th, the QSIQ informed Volkswagen to carry out a recall on the problem of DSG transmission power interruption. "If Volkswagen does not fulfil its statutory obligations, the General Administration of quality inspection will order a recall." In fact, Volkswagen has recalls the DSG problem in North America, Europe and Taiwan, China. In mainland China, Volkswagen China said that the joint venture, Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW - Volkswagen, launched the same DSG software upgrade service in March 2012, and more than 90% of the vehicles completed the software upgrade. Volkswagen authorized dealers will contact the very few customers who have not yet completed the software upgrade as soon as possible in order to carry out free software upgrade services. Obviously, software upgrading can not solve the DSG problem of Volkswagen. First of all, the implementation of the software upgrade in the Volkswagen Group's brands is not unified, such as which standards of vehicle upgrading and upgrading, what problems need to be replaced by gearbox components. Because of the different standards of dealers, DSG has become an initiative to test consumers' initiative. "These details will be clear in the recall clause." The people in charge of the public in China said that. The software upgrade obviously failed to contain the continued fermentation of DSG. Volkswagen's joint ventures and distributors are looking forward to the final solution of German Volkswagen. "What I am most concerned about is whether Volkswagen has any measures to solve the DSG problem." Public related technical personage to "daily economic news" reporter said. The CCTV's transmission problems are all 7 speed dry gearboxes, mainly for small or economical vehicles, such as Sagitar, golf and so on. Statistics show that Volkswagen's problems in China's gearbox, more than 80% of the 7 speed dry gearbox. In contrast, another 6 speed wet gearbox of the public is rarely mentioned, mainly because the structure of the two transmission is different. Volkswagen Automotive technicians explained that the 6 speed wet gearbox adapted to high power, sports vehicles, and the 7 speed dry gearbox, more economical, suitable for home use. For the replacement of the cost of transmission clutch plate, the above public China responsible person refused to disclose to reporters on the grounds of "business secrets". A person familiar with Volkswagen told reporters that if the clutch box is replaced, the cost of the bike will cost tens of thousands of dollars. In fact, technology upgrading and replacement of clutch disc are just the way to delay the occurrence time of DSG failure. There have been rumors that Volkswagen will abandon the 7 speed gearbox in the Chinese market. Volkswagen immediately said that the DSG strategy will not be changed, and the next generation of DSG technology is being prepared, and there will be a new upgrade and change in vehicle torque, size, and so on. In 2012, Volkswagen Automotive sales in the world accumulated 9 million 70 thousand, of which 2 million 810 thousand in the Chinese market, accounting for more than 30%, the largest single brand in the Chinese market. At the 2012 financial annual meeting, Vindeln, chairman of the management board of Volkswagen Group, said the sales revenue of Volkswagen group increased by 20.9% in fiscal 2012, up to 192 billion 700 million euros. Consolidated operating profit rose slightly, hitting a new high of 11 billion 500 million euros, excluding the joint-venture rights and operating profit of 3 billion 700 million euros. It is reported that in the Chinese market, the financial data of joint ventures are incorporated into the consolidated financial statements by the equity method, which is reflected in the group's financial performance. After consolidated statements, the group's profit reached 14 billion euros, an increase of 6 billion 300 million euros over the previous year. Obviously, Volkswagen is in the "golden period" of rapid development and brand premium in the Chinese market. Some analysts believe that the continuous fermentation of DSG problem may have an important impact on the sales volume of the public in the country, and also provide the competitors with the opportunity to catch up with the public. However, in view of the DSG problem, the Volkswagen China did not have the right to make a decision. It was only responsible for the feedback of the collection to the German headquarters. After the decision of the German headquarters, it was carried out by the masses of China. In the case of slow decision making at the headquarters of Volkswagen, the Chinese market is only a "profit cow" rather than a customer who should be respected. It is pointed out that the reason why the DSG wind wave eventually evolved to test the success or failure of its Chinese strategy is not unrelated to the widely denounced technical bureaucrats and arrogant attitudes, "the only way to defeat the masses is themselves." In March 16th, the daily economic news reporter visited several mass dealers in Beijing and found that the number of people who came to see the car did not decrease. A salesperson said: "basically no impact."