DSG storm public service recall that only a small number of vehicles involved.
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Newspaper news (reporter Liu Jun) sales leading Volkswagen, in the weekend successively encountered the "3 / 15 party" exposure and the General Administration of quality inspection of the recall of the "treatment", so that the original silence of the "DSG defect door" wave again in front of Chinese consumers. With the Japanese car's "retreat", Volkswagen hit China last year in China, but this storm once again spread to this German car business has cast a shadow. On the evening of CCTV last Friday evening, the problem of Volkswagen DSG transmission failure was mentioned again. DSG, a dual clutch transmission, combines manual and automatic gearboxes and achieves a faster shift response. The Volkswagen's many models are generally equipped with this gearbox. After the broadcast, Li Yuanping, spokesman for the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, said 16, if the company fails to fulfill its statutory obligations, the AQSIQ will order the recall. The QSIQ official website said that the General Administration of quality inspection (QSIQ) has collected more than 1 thousand malfunction information, visited more than 3000 users, carried out 12 site investigations, and analyzed the defective parts of the DSG, organized an expert argument for 7 times, and basically identified the defects of the DSG transmission, the interruption of the driving force, and a potential safety hazard. It is reported that in February 27th, the AQSIQ once again met with the Volkswagen Company, requiring the Volkswagen Company to take the recall measures to solve the DSG failure problem as soon as possible. In response to this crisis, Volkswagen said, "it will be solved with the fastest speed of contact with consumers." The news that reporters read on its official website yesterday said that Volkswagen would take an active recall to solve the DSG problem. Details of the recall will be announced soon. For a recall of media speculation or 500 thousand vehicles, yesterday evening newspaper reporters to the Volkswagen joint venture Shanghai Volkswagen after service hotline inquiries, the other expressed the initiative recall "only a small number of cars", the details of the related details are still to be announced. It is reported that for the "DSG defect gate" outside the controversial public in mainland China has not recalled the handling practices, and earlier external excuses are too tough. This time, the public will still have to pay for it. Although recall details were uncertain, in March last year, Volkswagen launched a DSG software upgrade service in conjunction with a joint venture in China to solve the problem. As of January this year, Volkswagen claimed to have informed every consumer that 90% of the vehicles had completed the software upgrade. In fact, the public is becoming increasingly dependent on the Chinese market. In the first two months of this year, German cars increased by more than 20% over the same period last year. The Volkswagen sold up to 2 million 800 thousand vehicles in China last year, up to 25% from the previous year; the equity operation of the Chinese joint venture is 3 billion 700 million euros, far more than 2 billion 600 million euros in the last year. However, the German media that had not been officially confirmed by the public earlier claimed that the DSG storm caused the public to lose at least 3 billion yuan. According to the new year's new year's new implementation of the "defective automobile product recall management regulations", it has been ordered to recall and refuses to recall, and the penalty for the value of the defective automobile products is less than 1% and 10%. Why did the public refuse to take the initiative to recall the incident? According to the company, its engineers have carried out a variety of road tests and tests under different climate conditions. The results show that some vehicles have "minor quality problems", causing customers to complain about driving comfort, but the public indicates that there is no safety hazard to the public. The QSIQ said that in May 2012, Volkswagen has extended the DSG transmission quality guarantee period to 10 years or 160 thousand kilometers under the defect investigation and repeated interviews and supervision. It is also known that this is the longest quality guarantee period for DSG transmission in the global market.