High oil consumption failure of Geely and Japan
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Q: my 1.3L engine (479Q), which is assembled by the Geely American and Japanese bridge, is now very high in fuel consumption and 13L for 150km oil consumption. I use a computer to check it on a computer. The ignition timing is -9, the injection pulse width is 3.8, and the voltage of the oxygen sensor has not changed. Please help you to solve it. Answer: the maximum ignition time of the EFI vehicle is 35~45 degrees, and the minimum is between -10 and 0 degrees. Therefore, the ignition time is negative when idle speed is normal. The injection pulse width seems to be at the upper limit of normal value. Try to analyze the dirt of the nozzle or the low pressure of the oil pump. But because you say the oxygen sensor voltage does not change, then you should first check the reason that the oxygen sensor voltage does not change, depending on the need to check the line or replace oxygen sensors. Because oxygen sensors are the mixture of computer management, oxygen sensors will not be able to manage the mixing ratio without feedback from the computer, so oxygen sensors may be restored to normal.