The malfunction of the remote control key of Chevrolet Coru
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A Chevrolet Cruz 1.8L top car with a mileage of about 27 thousand km. The owner reflects that the lock and lock key of the remote control key are not easy to use. If any button is pressed, the trunk will be opened. The malfunction vehicle is equipped with a PEPS (Passive Entry and Passive Start, passive entry and passive boot) system, also called a keyless entry and keyless startup system with a configuration code of ATH. Connect GDS2+MDI for vehicle diagnosis, and all control modules are equipped with fault codes. The Coru key without PEPS system contains two functional blocks: remote function block (power supply) and anti-theft function block (without power supply); the Coru key with PEPS system has a PEPS function block, which is different from the Coru key part number without the PEPS system and can not be used interchangeably. Put any remote controller into the car, and the normal operation of the key is normal, indicating that the anti-theft and PEPS function blocks are normal. Try to exchange car body control module, remote control receiver and remote key with other vehicles, break off the fault phenomenon, break off the remote key, remove the battery and find the trace of water corrosion inside, then test the other key, the remote control function is restored to normal. The analysis is due to the failure of the remote control in one key, which interferes with another remote control, causing two keys at the same time. When the damaged key battery is dismantled, the remote control stops working and the other key is restored to normal. After replacing the remote control key with water damage and anti-theft programming, troubleshooting.