BMW 730Li car engine failure light
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A BMW 730Li car with a mileage of about 130 thousand km carrying a N54 engine in 2006. User reflection: the car engine failed to light. Inspection and analysis: maintenance personnel detect engine control unit and find fault code 2A2D - oil pressure of fuel low pressure part is too high. After the continuous operation of the low-pressure oil pump by 20s, the oil pressure of the low pressure part is 850 kPa. Refer to the maintenance manual, the upper limit of the oil pressure of the fuel low pressure part is 670 kPa. Obviously, the high oil pressure is the cause of the engine fault light. When measuring the oil pressure of the low pressure part, it is found that the actual oil pressure is 590 kPa, so that the problem lies on the oil pressure sensor. Troubleshooting: replace the oil pressure sensor in the low pressure part and troubleshooting.

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