In winter, if you don't catch fire, how do you clean the spark plug yourself?
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As winter continues, some of the small problems of cars begin to appear as the temperature continues to fall. Recently, Mr. Zhang, who lives in Shuangliu, entered the hotline. In the past week, he found it very difficult to drive in the morning. Sometimes he had to fight several times to fight. At the same time, in the process of driving, often can hear abnormal sound. To this end, our reporter Lu Jingen, a senior automotive after-sales service expert, consulted this question. He suggested that owners should check the spark plugs first if they encounter difficulties in winter. The spark plug is the key of the automobile ignition system, and the ignition system is the key point of the engine work. Therefore, the performance of the spark plug is related to the performance and efficiency of the vehicle. How to pick the right spark plug, when to change? How to maintain the spark plug to make the engine more powerful? Now we'll answer it for you one by one. The spark plug is one of the main components in the ignition system of the automobile engine. All the gasoline engines have spark plugs, one cylinder one, and two spark plugs per cylinder of individual high speed gasoline engines. The spark plug is used to introduce the high voltage generated by the ignition coil into the engine cylinder, and spark ignites the mixture between the gap of the spark plug electrode. Lu Jingen told reporters that the commonly used spark plugs are divided into resistive spark plugs, wave gold spark plugs and iridium spark plugs. Generally speaking, the life span of the resistance spark plug is 20 thousand kilometers, the lifetime of the sparking plug is 40 thousand kilometers, and the life of the iridium gold spark plug can reach 6 to 80 thousand kilometers. Therefore, the original spark plug of the low-end vehicle is a resistive spark plug, while the original spark plugs of luxury cars and high-end models are mostly iridium spark plugs. As to how to determine the expiration of the life of the spark plug, should it be replaced? Lu Jingen indicated that the spark plug needs to be replaced, and the dismantling will be known to see if the color of the burning, the gap between the electrodes, the gap between the porcelain body and the metal shell, and so on. In addition, he also said that if the car owners find that the car is more difficult to start in the state of a cool car, there is a clear sense of setback, idling jitter, or when the engine's acceleration performance drops, the spark plug should be checked in time. As a result of the above performance, it may be caused by the aging of spark plugs. In view of the "winter car difficult" topic, the reporter immediately in a friend's club website launched a survey, of which the car owner said that last month, his car after 20 thousand kilometers of replacement of the original spark plug, listen to friends that Yi Jinhuo plug can improve the motor performance, and again In addition to myself, after 20 thousand kilometers, the acceleration performance of his economic car declined, so he resisted temptation and spent "a big price" on a set of iridium spark plugs for his car. After replacement and use, he felt that the acceleration performance of the car had not improved. He called himself a big head and was deceived. For Mr. Fang's "Dang", Lu Jingen said, in fact, the improvement of vehicle power performance is not the more expensive the spark plug is, the better. Good spark plugs have some help for the power performance of the car, but the owner can't expect too much of this help, and the help of the spark plug on the power performance depends on the engine itself. If the engine does not reach a certain "level", the advanced spark plug will not have too much power performance. Help. But Mr. Fang did not have to be unfair to himself. "Although a good spark plug can not improve the dynamic performance of all engines, it will certainly reduce engine coke, prolong the service life of the engine, and have some help for fuel saving," Lu Jingen said. When the car runs to a certain number of kilometers, the spark plugs will increase the carbon accumulation and the gap between the electrodes. The carbon accumulation will increase the fuel consumption of the engine, and the increase of the spark plug gap will cause the difficulty of starting. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance of spark plugs can extend engine life. Lu Jingen recommended car owners, maintenance should first clean up the air filter, to avoid dust with mixed gas into the combustion, so that the spark plug can be prevented from corrosion. Secondly, the owner can also remove the spark plug by himself and clean the dirt and coke on the ignition head. It is particularly important to note that when the spark plugs are disassembled, we should pay attention to the spark plug in and out, do not let the dust enter the cylinder, and clean up the surrounding in advance when the spark plug is dismantled. If there is oil in the cylinder, the piston ring or other components should be replaced in time, so as to avoid the short circuit of electrodes caused by spark plugs. In addition, the fuel oil is also closely related to the life of the spark plug. Therefore, the owners must pay attention to the refueling, and should not be greedy for the oil products that are cheap to add quality problems.