Passat's rein radar buzzer sometimes ringing
  • Automotive

A Volkswagen Passat driving the 1.8T automatic block on a mileage of about 60 thousand km in 2007. The owner reflected that the car's reversing radar buzzer sometimes rounded. Inspection and analysis: as the car auxiliary control unit has no self diagnosis function, the maintenance personnel have to use manual method to check it. In normal circumstances, after changing into the reverse gear, a sound signal indicates the fault of the left lateral ultrasonic distance sensor, and the two tone sound indicates the fault of the left medial ultrasonic distance measuring sensor, and so on. The five tone indicates that there is a malfunction in the auxiliary control unit. Because the buzzer is ringing, it is impossible to get any diagnostic information from the prompt. So the interruptor of the sensor was cut off one by one, and the buzzer phenomenon disappeared when the sensor was broken to the right side. Troubleshooting: replace the right inner ultrasonic ranging sensor and troubleshooting.