Santana 3000 automatic car fuel meter indicator
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The fuel gauge of a Shanghai Volkswagen Santana 3000 automatic car with a mileage of about 120 thousand km is inaccurate. After receiving the car: analyze the fault phenomenon, first of all doubt that the fuel quantity sensor is damaged or its related circuit is defective. Check the relevant circuit of the fuel quantity sensor carefully, everything is normal; after replacing the fuel quantity sensor, the test run is still in trouble. Is it a damage to the instrument assembly? After the replacement of the instrument assembly, the fuel gauge is accurate. It was thought that the trouble had been eliminated, but the driver didn't take it long before the driver came back. According to the driver's reflection, the speedometer indicator is not allowed. The road test shows that when the speed is below 60 km/h, the indicator of the speed meter is basically normal, but when the speed is above 60 km/h, the indicator speed of the speed meter is about 20 km/h less than that of the actual vehicle speed. Using VAS5052 to check, it is found that the code of the instrument assembly is 010420, and that the code of the instrument assembly should be 01041. Recoding the instrument assembly, changing the code of the instrument assembly to 01041 and commissioning, troubleshooting. Fault analysis: whether the gearbox is manual or automatic, the Santana 3000 car's instrument always uses the same accessories (the accessory number), only using different code when it is used. For the vehicle carrying the manual transmission, the code for the instrument assembly is 01042; for the vehicle carrying the automatic transmission, the code for the instrument assembly is 01041. 1. Because the code of the meter assembly is incorrect after changing the instrument assembly, the speedometer indicator is not allowed. From the above troubleshooting process, we can see that coding is not negligible in the process of vehicle maintenance. If the maintenance personnel have tried many methods in the maintenance process, they can still not troubleshoot the fault, then it may be possible to use the fault detector to see if the code of the control unit related to the failure phenomenon is correct, and in order to avoid the fault of the error of this kind of coding, the majority of the colleagues should be invited in the routine maintenance process. Pay more attention to the code of each control unit.